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Ill-fated 4-3 Promy

So this is all my bad… I’ll admit I was tried and had been playing quite a few hours and was going to finish up Beseiged and log when Dragon said he had a 4-3 mission. I went. I agroed skeles when we first went to maze and I didn’t have sneak. >< But the worst came when the leader was AFK FOREVER and the 2nd key was taking forever to drop, but it finally looked like we'd made it (3+ hours later) when we were fighting the last NM – The Professor (a ghost) – that transports itself around. I couldn't disengage, my character was staying locked on the first 3 times and that was ok, but then I looked and I was locked on myself for some reason. I arrowed down to disengage and hit enter – then looked up and saw that it said Call For Help! instead. #@!)$*!)@(%&)#!&)#$)(*$)(*!@ lots of cursing spewed from my mouth because I knew I'd just ethyed up the run completely. The leader was a tool so I didn't feel bad about screwing it up for him/her but all the other innocent people that I drug down into this abyss I do feel bad about. Oh well… chock it up to experience.