Making movies made me very happy during my time in Vana’diel and kept me going when other things started going sour… I had leveling Zoldy to the theme of Rocky almost done when my computer crashed and I was going to make another one of the two us swooning over each other to the tune of L O V E by Nat King Cole… I was messing around today and managed to get my Download Helper working again and then while rooting around found some old video clips! So here ya go, straight from the Vana’diel vault… The End? Mahurahahahaha



by the time you get this I will be gone… forever…

Miraflores, fountain-girded,
Where the trees are many-birded,
And the orchard and the garden
Of the forest seem a part
In the stillness of thy meadows,
In the solace of thy shadows,
I await the blessed pardon
That will ease a breaking heart.

Miraflores, name of beauty
May I learn a lover’s duty,
In the evening and the morning,
In this fair and fragrant place;
May I know the bliss of pardon
In thy battlemented garden;
Come to hate the hate of scorning,
And to love the love of grace.

There are no words to convey the fun and adventures we shared, so suffice it to say, I love you and will miss you… forever…

Noobs could have been more efficient…

but they wouldn’t have had as much fun! Sandy 2-1, 2-2 (skipped), 2-3 complete!! Damnit all to Altana I didn’t know there was another LEVER!! And it took me forever to find the boat ride… but I did kill another NM! Kupipi doesn’t know me?! We duoed the best dragon fight I’ve ever been in and I made it out with 25 hp to spare! Thanks for the adventure Dev!