My treasure hunter is broken…

I started the Crystaline Prophecy missions and Bitter came out to help… good thing to because I only managed ONE drop out of the SIX that we needed. >.> I was so mad I diagad about 50 mobs and killed them all to cheer myself up. Then on the next one with the gob drops I managed to get them all in about an hour. Now for a lot of traveling around an killing easy NMs to finish that quest. Athan said he beat the final fight and the MNK gear is worth every effort. I need some new MNK gear…


One thought on “My treasure hunter is broken…

  1. hrmmmmm, I’ve been looking into this expansion for fun (the reward is “meh” to me as it’s no Hauby+1, nor ever will be…) but I’d be interested if you need another DD. I hear the final fight can be zerged quickly by a standard Merit Party Setup (DDx4, BRD (soul voice) RDM/DRK (chainspell stun)) assuming use of 2 hours. It’s either that or have a PLD kite it while mages nuke away *yawnga*

    Got room for one more? 🙂

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