Rank 6 Sandy and the agony of…

back to back 5-1 and 5-2 rank missions!!! First, Peak and I took on Gargantua together (crappy drops). Haadow likes to strip for SAMs. Then we headed off to complete 5-1 only to have Tikaa log on and need them soooooo we did 5-1 again. Then we all trudged through Castle Zhavl to do 5-2 only to have Bitter and Haadow not open the mission properly >.> They warped back to pick that up while we beat the Shadow Lord easily (Formless Strikes ftw). They showed up and all the 75s raced back through the Castle to do 5-2 AGAIN! Congratulations everyone on Rank 6 for Bastok and Sandy! I laughed so hard I cried so it was worth a late night at the computer 🙂


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