Kupofried Ring

The strength of the ancient moogle magic has weakened, and the tablets have been scattered to the winds once more. You can feel your Super Kupowers begin to fade away…

I was in my MH early this morning and saw this message flash on my screen. I rubbed my eyes and then started dreaming OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! A Kupofried Ring is up for grabs! lol I started WALKING around Vana’diel and checked out three zones before taking a break…

Killed Fraelissa while tabbing around for the Ring and oppsy – it’s a placeholder… didn’t know that…

Also I looked at the Ring and it seems it’s not indefinite like I’d originally thought, it has 11 charges.

So since I want the red and blue bamboo from the Celestial Nights 2009 Festival… I suppose I’ll WALK around Vana’diel just in case I trip over a tablet… but I did happen by a waterfall I don’t remember seeing in the game before.


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