Moogle Kupo d’Etat

We pawned the cardigans!

Beltenbro’s 250,000 gil MND +1 belt!

Farming tabs in Cape Terrigan is fun! But… who knew that Sieg could fly? That little minx has been holding out on me!

With my tabs in hand, I warped back to Sandy to go /NIN and then hoofed it into the Valley of Sorrows. The SnowLS people were kind enough to clear a round of raptors/Pretyons for me before warping out themselves. With a deep breath, 240 TP, Sekkanoki up and a fresh set of Shadows I traded my Potent Belt and dropped the NM in short order. You can’t see it, but he’s lying on top of the Armory Crate that held my freshly augmented Potent Belt. What Augments awaited, you might ask? My heart was hammering in my chest as I clicked on the crate… would it be Dex +2? Dex +4? Attack +10? Str+ 5?

No, it would be…. MND+1. This episode of “As the Belt turns” concludes with our hero spending 250,000 gil (on two Potent Belts) and 1.5 hours of farming for an Augmented belt with MND+1… which should grant him the wisdom to never fucking try FoV NM augmentations again!!!!!!!

Dancer 36! and Peak update

Hi all! Thanks for the messages asking about Peak! He is doing fine with 12 staples in his head (supposed to come out this week) and a nasty airbag burn on his arm that is keeping him from playing since he can’t rest his arm on the desk to move the mouse and type on the keyboard. I’m going to finish up this subjob and then switch to Bard, finally!


was in a car accident and it was pretty scary. He has 12 staples in his head and a good air bag burn on his arm. He’s on the mend, but we’re going to be taking a little break. 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well and see you soon!