WoG missions for Sandy

Wow, a lot going on here. Chance run in with Blitzkrieg doing the Haze of Glory San d’Orian [S] missions and then went farming for key items. War happened to have a spare gold beastcoin lying around… thanks! I think that’s a picture of my first chocobo ride in the past. Thanks to Belt I had all the telepoints and maws, etc. etc…. thanks best Belt! I saw Vana’diels version of a UNICORN! It was so pretty! 🙂 We took on the last NM after some initial fumbling and… boy did we get our arses kicked by a tree!!! Second time Vayne and War dc’d right as we were popping so crappy luck there. After this fight I earn the Jeuno flag. ^^ OH, and never ever ever die with War around as a Mithra… just saying… he has a thing for dead Mithras… >.>;

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