Eorzea – Miqo’te – Peace Dansir

You see this screen A LOT…

I worked very hard on creating this look!

I don’t know what all this means yet (or how to get rid of this blue, underline link thing >.>), but it’s cool in a very gods/goddesses/mythology kind of way.

And Peace Dansir was born!! I haven’t actually gotten IN the game yet… (refer back to the Now loading… pic) Peak Danece (a mage/galka incarnation) played for about an hour last night, since technically he is the beta tester… and commented that it was extremely laggy, had a glitch where he could run on water hehe, was killed by a hatchling?, and doesn’t think they’ll be anywhere NEAR ready for a September release date. Hopefully, more screenshots to follow!! 🙂 No really, we’re not going to start playing another MMO… REALLY! o.~

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