The trouble with linkshells

rounding up mandragoras

is sometimes they’re a pain in the tuckus. We ran into an old friend, he’s in one of the biggest linkshells on Leviathan and we’re thinking cool! We get invited out to do an FC – which means some high lvl goes an rounds up a bunch of critters an kills them an you rack up the points. Now this is how I got to lvl 90. BUT! Then this jerk off shows up and starts being, well, a jerk. It then makes two others start being jerks and we’re like – Wha?! Then Nemed comes out and honestly I have no idea what they were talking about being Abyssea speak an all but long an short of it is we left that linkshell quick.

Who cares if you’re the biggest linkshell if you have the biggest jerks too.



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